Nashville Cigar Rollers are the most popular feature for Wedding, Golf and VIP events in all of Tennessee.


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Nashville cigar rollers have been rolling cigars throughout the city now for over 12 years with CF Dominicana's Cigar Catering.

The Bridgestone arena, the Grand ole opry various wedding receptions have created a following throughout Nashville that has launched our first residents cigar roller in the area to eliminate any cost for travel. The Ryman auditorium is another regular venue for event and cigar rollers are frequently requested throughout the year at the Grand Ole Opry .

Cigar roller at Nashville golf dinner


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After-parties for major events throughout Nashville including the Breakaway Music Festival and the Southeastern International film festival and other various concerts with New Year's Eve creating the most demand for cigars.

Cigar rollers lend and upscale field to any event where there is a strong, cigar smoking demographic throughout Nashville and Memphis Tennessee.

Cigar rollers at just one of the features that complementing event or wedding reception. Cigar servers that float the room and serve guests cigars are also a great feature to add specially with locations that have a large area so guests don't have to walk over to the cigar rollers table rather, the cigars are brought to the guest.


Custom cigar labels are designed free for cigar roller eventsWedding cigar labels are standard with all cigar roller events

Custom cigar orders are done daily with the graphics designers that CF Dominicana has on call allowing us to design a unique cigar band for your event or you can supply artwork to be placed on the cigar bands wow the proof will be delivered to you to approve instantly because we have no need to use a third party vendor, that is the advantage of having in-house graphics.

Custom orders are cigars without the cigar roller and is a great option for smaller events, you simply give us the quantity and we will go ahead and create a cigar band for you and send out the cigars usually one to four days prior to the event date to ensure freshness.

"RUSH" events are done as well and is somewhat normal as we enter wedding season and corporate events season. Events can be produced within 24 hours as long as the phone call or inquiry comes in early these last-minute events can be produced even with short notice as we also have in-house event planners overseeing the entire process.

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Cigar rollers at wedding reception

Cigar rolling at wedding


Nashville Cigar Roller, Wedding, Golf, Corporate, Trade Shows, Custom Cigar Bands Labels, Approachable and inte, pleasant cigar rolling artisans using Dominican imported cigars.

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Nashville Cigar rollers are available in the cities below to promote the CF Dominicana brand. ALL CIGARS ARE IMPORTED, NO CIGARS ARE MADE IN TENNESSEE