Nashville cigar roller events use the same cigars we sell in stores

by CF Dominicana Cigars for Cigar Catering®

Cigars rolled are started in the Dominican Republic and finished at your event. Connecticut Shade or Ecuador Maduro with Dominican filler.


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CF Dominicana Cigars are importeD AND NOT MADE IN TENNESSEE 

Nashville event planners tend to overlook the quality of the cigars and become pleasantly surprised when they know that the cigar roller is rolling cigars that are imported. This is extremely important for cigar lovers and people just being introduced to cigars at your event.

Cigar Waitresses are an additional feature to your cigar rollerCF Dominicana imported premium cigars

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Imported cigars are superior to any cigars made in the United States and your cigar roller will be rolling cigars that have been planned by you with our help to ensure everyone has a positive experience, both the experience cigar aficionado and the new comer that's just being introduced to premium cigars for the first time.

Your cigar roller will not only roll cigars that are imported from teh Dominican republic, but will also interact to create an experience for your guests.

At the Grand Ole Opry, most cigars at events are typically to Connecticut shade and Dominican filler combination in a robusto size called the Soho cigar. Nashville has consistently made the Soho robusto model the top seller for all events in Nashville, Memphis and private events throughout Tennessee.

Nashville events are not limited to the robustos as more specific cigar models can be requested for any event in the area such as the Maduro Churchill called The Chelsea cigar, the Connecticut shade Churchill called the Tribeca cigar and the Fifth Avenue which is a torpedo Connecticut shade for the more discerning cigar lovers in your group.

When you send us the details of your event we will go ahead and make up a suggested quote to include the best model cigar for you if you don't know which cigar to go with given your affair.

You can call us at any time for some general questions or click the contact form for a quote within 30 minutes.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Cigar rollers and Cigars by CF Dominicana Cigars.

The cigar rollers in Nashville are provided by CF Dominicana.